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What's Your Lane?

I been sitting down over the past few days (not because I wanted to of course) reflecting over the last year of progress and distractions. Although I want to say that 2022 was one of my best years personally and professionally, my mind attempted to make me focus on what didn't work. Even I battle with self correction and replacing the thoughts that shouldn't take precedence.

So just as I took to my journal and wrote the pros and cons of the year, I invite you to do this journaling activity to show you just how great 2022 has been to you. As you finish this exercise, glance over at those cons or shortcomings of 2022. What could you have done differently? What did you learn from those things that happened? When you answer those two questions above about the things that were considered shortcomings, failures, or cons- I want you to see the positive in what just happened. You took a "L" like we like to label them and created it into a lesson. While it didn't feel good as it was or is happening, it gave you a stepping stone to step forward with experience. Life is the world's greatest teacher. It comes and happens as we are developing into the person we are needing to be.

Which brings us to this:


Fast forward to 2023. By time you read this, it is now the 9th day of the 1st month of the year. Some of you may have big plans on the vision boards or intention journals this year. And while we choose to continue this routine ritual of cutting losses, changing bad habits, creating new habits that we eventually forget. I want to propose doing something slightly different. Instead of creating new things to have to find new solutions and habits to, let's further develop what's been working for our good the previous year. Whether that is taking time to devote to community or family, building a business or brand that brought you exposure and dividends, or learning more about your relationships and spirituality, lets find our lane in those things and grow deeper in experience, grace, and love.

For the person reading this who may have experience a Damascus Road experience (if you not familiar with Damascus Road, I'll link a story for you to read at the end of this blog), welcome to your revelation of who you are to be. The person that you were is just that. WERE. Past tense. As you are on your journey of learning and discovering, relearning and connecting- move with grace and patience.

This blog was created to create dialogue and help connect me to the consumer and clients who relate to the services I give. As this is just the first part of this interaction, you can leave your feedback and commentary to be further discussed on our Thursday Night Lives on our Facebook & Youtube channels.

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