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Nail Tech stop suffering from dust, allergies, and fumes at your workstation and pedicure areas! The Sunflower II was created to make life easier! Using an active carbon filter inside the extractor, you can get rid of up to 60% off smells in your Sunflowers vicinity. The Sunflower is also equipped with an LED light to help you see better while servicing your client.


The Sunflower II will be shipped with a table top mount. You may purchase additional pieces to make the Sunflower a multi-use tool inside your salon. It can be placed on rolling kit to service in your pedicure area!


All Sunflowers have a 1 year parts warranty from the manufacturing company.

The package includes: Sunflower Machine, LED light, Flexible Stand, Power Supply, Clamp Fixture, 2 Sets of Filters

Sunflower II with LED

  • Manufacturing company will take returns up to 2 weeks after product delivery with a 20% restocking fee. 

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