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Cureosity Academy of Art Team

Our faculty members are highly influential players in the industry. In every course they teach, they bring their rich experience, knowledge and passion to the classroom. Get to know our talented team below, and feel free to reach out with questions.

Team: Team

Shauri Gibson

Nail Technology Instructor/ Certified Business Coach
Cureosity Academy of Art

I wrote a plan 18 years ago to develop a nail school that would prepare students for the industry. After years behind the chair, I found myself questioning, "Is this really for me?" Learning the ins and out of being a salon owner and an employee had me questioning my passion and drive for something I said I loved. After a brief hiatus, I discovered my passion for nails and education didn't go away, it was taken for granted. Not from everyone else but myself because I wanted to rush the journey instead of embrace the journey. With every experience and interaction I encountered to this present moment, it gave me the experience and traction needed to create this program for future nail techs. Every school has its thing. We all have one goal- to bring awareness, respect, and discipline back to our field with licensing talented individuals to carry the torch.

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