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Finance Application

One Application. 80 Lenders. Hello Funding.


Cureosity and Meratas partnered to take the stress out of funding your beauty program. Think of this as one of the greatest power moves toward building your career.

Lesson One:

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Our one application sends you to our network of lenders.


Don't worry you won't have 80 hits on your credit. Our soft pull allows our lenders to supply you with terms that fit your life goals.

See an offer you like and complete the process with the lender.

Get funded.

Finance Application Process

How The Process Works

Meratas LMP Overview.230512.pdf.png

For our students who don't qualify for financing,


Cureosity Academy & Meratas still have you covered.

You can continue your beauty school journey with our in-house financing program that allows payments while in school.

For more information on this option, please reach out to the admissions department for more information.

Scholarships & Grants
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