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  • What's the enrollment process?
    Introduction call or zoom with the director or student success coach to answer any questions about the school, enrollment, or class schedules. Complete enrollment application with the required supporting documents. Complete financial application. Complete student contract. Pay Deposit. Schedule Orientation.
  • How do I pay for school?
    Cureosity Academy is a Texas approved licensing program that will begin the accreditation process late 2023. Until that process begins, we offer in-house financing with affordable weekly and monthly payments. All students are contracted and expected to stand on their agreed terms. In the event that a student has any circumstances that may affect their payments, we encourage them to reach out to their student success coach. Students are also welcome to pay for their programs in full. Deposits for all programs are non-refundable and can be only moved to a future class if a student has a circumstance that may impede on the original agreed date.
  • Do I have to purchase my own supplies or kit?
    No. Cureosity provides students with a kit for their program. All kits will include a uniform, textbooks, CIMA digital platform access, and the appropriate tools for each program. Please refer to the documentation inside your program for more information.
  • When do I receive my kit?
    Students receive their kits in two milestones. During Week 1- Students will receive their permit, books, and technology access. Students also will have the option to add a chromebook to their package for a discounted rate. During Week 6- Students will receive their programs hand on kit(s) for their appropriate program. Once students have successfully transitioned to the hand-on floor, kits are REQUIRED daily.
  • Do we have graduation?
    Yes. Our graduation is held in July for all graduating students to attend.
  • What happens in the event of bad weather?
    In the event of bad weather, our students will utilized their online classroom portal (CIMA) to still have class. Notices will be broadcasted to students via the BAND app and email.
  • What's included in student kits and what is the cost?
    Student kits are the biggest thing that students look forward to. In this industry, it is extremely hard to keep up with all of the trends and products. Our kits are built around the program served to our students. We include tech and physical books. We include a nice case to pack everything into. We provide a decent amount of products for students to use while in school with some use after finishing their program. At our discretion, kits can change due to pricing or product availability. The upfront deposit that students pay covers the kit that we provide. Check out the videos below to see what's all included in the kit you receive. Below is the nail kit. We will upload the esthetics and cosmo kits shortly. .
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